hnl swap

Our tokenomics system is comprised of three tokens: RMD, Rmes, and HNL. The RMD token is the community asset and 99% of it is burned. The Rmes token serves as a balancing mechanism between RMD and HNL and 60% of it is burned and growing. HNL is the counterbalance to RMD

HNL Token

HNL serves as the counterbalance to RMD in the ecosystem. The token provides a complementary effect to RMD and helps to maintain a balance in the system.

RMD Token

RMD is a community asset that has undergone a 99% burn process. The token serves as a representation of the community’s involvement in the ecosystem

Rmes Token

Rmes is a load balancer between RMD and HNL. The token has undergone a 60% burn and continues to grow. Rmes acts as the intermediary between RMD and HNL, providing stability to the ecosystem