Blockchain smart contracts that are reliable and developed over time

Smart Contracts Development & Audit

Blockchain helps businesses secure new funds to grow and fuels vital operations with smart contracts. Self-executing smart contracts are becoming the new normal. At Hawkins Labz we help develop and deploy these smart contracts

Revolutionize Your Blockchain Game with HNL Smart Contract's Automated Ecosystem

Experience the ultimate automation experience for your blockchain needs with HNL Smart Contract’s fully automated environment with bots that wrap effortlessly across all chains, ensuring seamless integration. With over 100,000 successful transactions in our ecosystem, you can trust in the reliability and sophistication of our technology. Plus, our clients are eligible to join the community bot index, allowing for even more volume and growth potential.

Our various reward systems across all projects maximize your potential profits.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase the price of your project and generate continuous volume. Pick the HNL Smart Contract and revolutionize your blockchain game.

blockchain Smart Contracts Development & Audit

Smart contract audit refers to the process of evaluating the code of a smart contract for security vulnerabilities and bugs. This is important to ensure that the contract functions as intended and to prevent any potential loss of funds or assets due to vulnerabilities. The audit process involves manual code review, automated testing, and security simulations to identify potential issues.

Overall, both smart contract development and audit are crucial steps in the creation of secure and functional decentralized applications on blockchain networks.

our packages

HNL Smart Contract Package

  • Automated environment with bots and wrap across all chains
  • Access to our ecosystem with over 10,000 successful transactions
  • Eligibility to join the community bot index for more volume
  • Various reward systems across all projects
  • Features testing
  • Two Hours Consultancy
  • Special Discount If HNL Holder
  • Check with Us Before Purchasing


  • Platform specific analysis
  • Smart contract performance validation
  • Perform gas analysis
  • Reflection testing
  • Payment smart contract
  • Features Testing
  • Two Hours Consultancy
  • Special Discount if HNL Holder
  • Check With Us Before Purchasing


  • Smart contract design and architecture analysis
  • Testing main features of contract
  • Gas usage estimation
  • Flawed features detection
  • Pricing table list item
  • Two Hours Conultancy
  • Spcial Discount If HNL
  • Check With Us Before Purchasing

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